Our son used to only utter one word at a time,with a limited vocabulary of three words at the age of four but thanks to the speech therapy with Azel Traut,he now at the age of five,forms complete sentences. We are eternally grateful to Azel for opening up a new world to our son.A world of verbal communication with eye contact and interactivity with other toddlers his age group.He used to get frustrated and angry that no one understands him when he requires something but now,he verbally asks for what he needs while pointing at what he wants. Thank you Azel for all you have done for our family.

Shafiek Abrahams

Nikita’s class teacher advised me at the end of the June exam, that her speech & language needed attention and that because of this it was affecting her other subjects too. I was concerned as to whether this would impact on a successful school year and immediately contacted Corli Hanekom as I have read and heard about their positive outcomes.

So glad I made the choice to start my daughter’s sessions with them. Nikita’s sessions started with Azel in July and by the end of November, only five months later, her overall performance in English had increased phenomenally! At the end of the year Nikita got an award for progress in Reading, Phonics & Creative writing in her grade and she was over the moon! Nikita is comfortable, happy and eager to attend her sessions. Her confidence has grown so much on all levels and she loves reading now, takes pride in her orals and looks forward to projects she previously found daunting.

Azel is kind and friendly and displayed genuine interest and dedication to Nikita’s progress. I am so pleased with the results achieved and will highly recommend her to my friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you Azel, you a star!

Michelene Lenders

Azel has done wonders for our little one and her notes after every session was extremely helpful as we applied it immediately. We have seen major progress in KENDRA since she started seeing her and I will recommend any of my friends or family to Azel that needs therapy.

Azel are extremely friendly and really getting down to the root of the problem and showing great patience with our little angel. Azel listened to us regarding Kendra’s issues and applied to correct actions towards her development. We felt at ease the very first moment when we met her and her input was well received.

Wish there was more therapist like her out there and whoever has her in their service now has captured a rare diamond. This really comes with great gratitude from me and my wife.

Mr. Alexander

“I was referred to Corli Hanekom Speech Therapists by my crèche in 2011 when it became apparent that my daughter was having difficulty with pronouncing the ‘k’ and ‘t’ sounds which should have been more developed at her age – then just over 3 years old. A therapist did a thorough assessment with my daughter and provided a very comprehensive report on the issues and how to work on this going forward. My daughter then had one-on-one therapy sessions for a few months which she found very positive and enjoyable. She actually looked forward to her session each week and was happy to do the homework that was provided. I believe the therapists from this practice make a huge difference on the success as my daughter really had a positive bond with her. We were very happy with the results as it also help her confidence. “

“Earlier this year we discovered that our younger daughter (2 years old) had been having hearing difficulty due to water in the middle ear. After sorting this out it was necessary to engage a speech therapist in order to help develop her expressive speech to the level appropriate for her age. Again we got Corli Hanekom Therapists to do a comprehensive review and report and then embarked on weekly speech therapy with another terrific therapist from this practice. Initially she also engaged my older daughter in the sessions to assist with her getting comfortable with the lessons and also to make my daughter feel safe & secure. Guides on what to do at home were also given throughout the therapy period. After 4 months of therapy we have seen a vast improvement in our daughter’s expressive speech and are again very pleased with the way the therapist have assisted with this development. “ “I also appreciated the regular updates provided by the therapists. “


On the 9th of August I was in a very serious car accident. I broke my neck and had other serious injuries. I am paralysed in my face and my speech is effected dew to my broken neck. I ended up in hospital for three months and then went to a rehabilitation centre. At the rehabilitation centre I received intensive speech therapy from Corli Hanekom. In the beginning I was not able to smile and pronounced certain sounds correctly. After just about a week of therapy from Corli I was able to move my mouth when I smiled. Later on as the therapy progressed I started to pronouns certain sounds more clearly. I can honestly say that Corli was there every day to give me therapy and support me with other problems. She always was there to listen to me and support me. She also recommended me to a very good psychologist that mend a great deal to me and helped me a lot with certain issues that I had after the accident.

I can certainly say that Corli was more than an excellent therapist, she also became a friend that supported me in all my issues that relating to the accident.
I can honestly recommend Corli Hanekom for any speech related problems.

Wouter du Plooy

I had the incredible privilege of being treated by Carina Truter. One could not ask for a more capable, professional well informed young lady. She clearly loves her job. She has a wonderful warm personality and shows great compassion for the person she is working with.

I highly recommend the services of Corli Hanekom Speech and Language Therapists to any one who should require the services of a speech therapist.

Enola Barrier

Ons was voorreg om behandeling te ontvang by Carina Truter. Na net ‘n paar 3 sessies was daar ongelooflike vordering gemaak. Baie dankie Carina!! Ons beveel Corli Hanekom Speech and Language ten sterkte aan vir enige persoon wie spraak probleme mag ondervind.

Adri Lourens

Daniël se ondervinding:

Hoe ongelooflik is dit dat een verkeerde onderwyser jou kind soveel skade kan aandoen?
Daniël was ‘n klein seuntjie van 3 toe hy die Desember voor die 6 weke vakansie, voor ‘n gehoor van mense kon opstaan en ‘n lang gedig kon opsê sonder om te blik of bloos met baie self vertroue en genot. Aan die einde van die eerste kwartaal in die nuwe jaar kon hy skaars 3 woorde in ‘n ry sê sonder om te stotter en hakkel?
Hoe is so iets moontlik? As bekommerde ouer het ek eerstens die onderwyser genader, wat my met gemak verseker het dit is net ‘n stadium en sal weer oor waai, maar tog het ek maar na elke gras halmpie gegryp en ‘n spraakterapeut gaan sien. Dit het my hart net te veel gebreek om te sien hoe my kind sukkel om te praat en later maar eerder stil bly.
Om ‘n lang storie kort te maak, sy het my na vele ondersoek aan beveel om van skool te verander, fout lê daar. ‘n Onderwyser wat te veel hooi op die vurk gehad het, wat nie tyd kon maak om te luister nie, wat net geraas het oor als en nie liefde gegee het nie, het my kind en vele ander in die klassie, in klein senuwee wrakkies verander, sodat van die ander 4 jarige kinders met maag en kopseer probleme gesit het? Met wonderlike hulp van die spraakterapeut het ons Daniël darem weer so gekry dat hy sinne kan praat, maar die hakkel en stotter het nie weg gegaan nie.
Aan die begin van elke nuwe skool jaar is dit maar dieselfde ou storie. Na vele spraak terapeute en ander oorwegings wat selfs gehoortoetse insluit het ek maar soort van besluit dat dit nou maar Daniël se lot is, hy sal vir ewig met dit sit en ons moet dit nou maar aanvaar.
Graad 4 was weereens vir Daniël nie ‘n maklike jaar nie, met onderwysers wat verander en ander aanpassings het ek op getel dat sy spraak weereens drasties verswak en dit het nie net sy skoolwerk begin beinvloed nie, maar ook sy selfbeeld. Hy het al stiller en meer senuagtig geraak wanneer hy veronderstel was om te gesels met gemak?
2009 het skaars begin toe ek die benoudheid kry dat dinge nie gaan verander nie en dat ek hom moet help op een of ander manier. Hy het nie nou net gehakkel en stotter nie hy het nou begin om gewoontes aan te leer om te probeer om sy aandag af te trek van sy spraak, byvoorbeeld, sy voet gestamp terwyl hy praat, sy oë gerol, snuifgeluid gemaak en vele ander. Ek het radeloos rond geval op die internet om na hulp te soek, het vele webtuistes besoek. Soms goeie raad gekry, maar ek wou hê Daniël moet weer normaal kan praat soos hy gepraat het as 3 jarige. Sy selfvertroue terug wen…
Ek het toevallig af gekom op ‘n webtuiste met name van terapeute in ons omgewing. Ek het sommer die eerste beste nommer gebel en die dame aan die anderkant van die foon het my die naam gegee van iemand wat sy dink my sal kan help…. Corli Hanekom.
Ek het dadelik gebel en ‘n afspraak gemaak.
Ek en Daniël was bang en skepties, al soveel mense het ons probeer help. Die dag met die afspraak vroeg in Februarie kon ek sien Daniël voel baie senuagtig, maar dit het als soos mis voor die son verdwyn toe Corli ons in nooi met warmte en empatie.
Ek het haar vlugtig die hele ou storie vertel en sy en Daniël het alleen gaan gesels. Sy het ook Spelterapie voorgestel om seker te maak die dinge van destyds het nie ‘n blywende effek op Daniël nie. Van dag een af was Daniël mal oor Corli en het hy vordering begin maak.
Ons is nou in middel Mei en ek kan met ‘n geruste hart sê dat Corli vir Daniël met soveel liefde gehelp het dat hy normaal ‘n gesprek kan voer, sonder om sy oë te rol, so voet te stap of op te hou praat omdat hy nie kans sien om verder te praat nie.
Hy het soveel meer self vertroue, is nie meer bang vir mondeling dag nie, kan ‘n storie met gemak vertel. Ja, hy het nog sy afdae, maar daardie dae kan ek hom maar net herinner aan tannie Corli se hulpmiddels en hy verander sy hele houding.
Hy gaan nog op ‘n gereelde basis na Corli toe, hy sien uit na elke afspraak. Die hulpmiddels wat Corli vir Daniël gegee het is dinge wat hy elke dag kan toepas in elke situasie en wat hy saam met hom sal kan neem na die “grootmense wêreld” toe.

Corli, ek en Daniël wil vir jou uit die diepte van ons harte bedank, jy is ‘n engel uit die hemel. Baie dankie!

Zurett en Daniël Erasmus

“I had a brainstem stroke on the 20th of November 2016 and I was paralysed on my right side. I was locked in on my right side according to the Doctor. After my stroke, I was unable to speak or swallow or cough or anything really! I started seeing Carina. I have made a lot of progress thanks to her. I am now drinking smoothies and eating yogurt. Oh, it is so nice! And soon I am going to be eating pureed food. My speech has also improved tremendously! Thank you Carina!”

Mrs Leslie de Jager

My journey with speech therapy started when my husband was admitted to hospital due to a stroke. Due to the nature of his stroke his speech is all muddled up and sounds like a complete different language that he is talking. I initially thought that going for speech therapy would bring back his speech completely and would bring back my life to normality but during the therapy I realised that it’s not as easy as I thought.

The sessions with Suzette not only included practising certain sounds and words but also made me realise that I have much homework to do. So I became the daily speech therapist with the help, assistance and guidance from Suzette. Initially we had flash cards which I thought was for him to identify pictures but then I came to understand that the flash cards also tested his level of comprehension.

My children then started cutting out alphabet letters and we progressed to using worksheets as homework and gave feedback to Suzette weekly as to how he was progressing. Very soon we became creative with technology and used my husband’s laptop to identify letters and formulate words. These exercises were tiring to both my husband and myself and still is, however I found that being consistent in doing his homework every morning has made him more alert and strengthened his nonverbal communication skills to a large extent. Initially we had flash cards with a picture of the toilet for him to say when he wanted to use the toilet and even practised the word “pee”. He has made so much progress that he can now show that he wants to use the toilet. I still found the spontaneous “spot on” verbal responses which we rave about and make a huge fuss but generally there is much progress and my daily morning homework continues. Guidance is much needed for the home work to progress because he is bored with the current exercises.

My experience with Suzette was extremely enriching as she never gave up on him as a patient. Her inspirational words and the way she weekly received him at the reception area is commendable as it motivated me and my husband to go back. Suzettes soft nature and gentleness caused me to persevere and not to give up on my husband and my circumstances. Overall she created an atmosphere for us to belong as she never judged him or our circumstances and for that I am ever thankful.


Net ‘n woordjie van opregte dank aan spraakterapeut Corli Hanekom, vir al haar moeite met ons dogter Larissa. Larissa word al vir byna 2 jaar baie suksesvol deur Corli behandel. Sy is 5 jaar oud en word begin Augustus, 6jaar oud.

Op ongeveer op 3-jarige ouderdom, het ons agtergekom, dat ons dogtertjie nog glad nie kon praat nie. Alhoewel mense vir ons gesê het dat ons te haastig is, en dat sy wel later vanself sou begin praat, was ons onrustig en het haar laat toets. Daar is vasgestel dat sy ernstige spraakprobleme in die gesig staar en dat sy professionele hulp sal moet ontvang. Ons het vantevore in ‘n ander area gewoon en haar spraakterapie het daar ‘n aanvang geneem.

Ons het na Brackenfell getrek en is na Corli Hanekom se praktyk, verwys. Larissa lei aan dispraksie en hierdie kind het geweldige vordering gemaak vandat sy by Corli begin het. Larissa kon aanvanklik geen woorde sê, maar as ons net dink hoe ver sy al gevorder het! Sy kan nou ook al selfstandig met vreemdelinge gesprekke voer, waar sy vroeër sou gaan wegkruip het, as iemand vreemd met haar sou gesels. Absoluut merkwaardig! Ons glo met volgehoue terapie, sal Larissa se spraak net aanhou verbeter.

Net ‘n woordjie ook om te noem wat Corli vir ons ouers beteken het. Sy het Prof. Jaap Kies behandel, terwyl hy by Intercare, Tygervallei aangesterk het. Corli was die eerste persoon wat agtergekom het dat sy slukderm beskadig is na ‘n massiewe beroerte. Niemand anders het besef dat hy swaar eet en drink as gevolg hiervan nie. Corli het aan Mev.Kies, wat hom heeltyds versorg, die raad gegee om hom met ‘n strooitjie te laat drink en om hom altyd regop te laat sit wanneer hy iets eet en veral drink. Mev Kies volg steeds hierdie raad getrou en dit keer ook dat hy nie aspireer nie.

Alle dank aan ons Hemelse Vader en aan Corli Hanekom, vir haar uitstekende hulp.

(Mev.) L. Pietersen

Op 19 November het my lewe onherroeplik verander. Ongeveer 17:00 was ek op pad huis toe van die werk af. Die volgende dag het ek my oë in die intensiewe waakeenheid oopgemaak. Ek kan niks onthou van gru-motorongeluk. Toe ek ontwaak, het my familie rondom my bed gestaan en my voete is aan kettings vasgemaak. Die ergste was: ek kon nie ‘n klank of woord geuiter het nie.

Die aand van 19 November het ek ‘n kraniotomie (brein)-operasie ondergaan. My kommunikasie en kognitiewe vermoëns is aangetas van die ongeluk. Ek is verwys na Corli Hanekom: Spraak & Taalterapeute. Ek is gediagnosteer met Broca (ekspressief) en Wernicke (reseptief) Afasie asook Verbale Apraksie en Disartie.

Ek het gesukkel om die woorde uit te spreek: “Hoe gaan dit met u?” Corli Hanekom, die spraakterapeut, het my aangemoedig om vir dr. Kinghorn te vra: “Hoe gaan dit, dokter?” Dit was moeilik gewees: die uitspraak en die onthou van die woorde.

Lys van probleme het, onder andere, die volgende ingesluit:

  • Erge woordvindingsprobleme
  • Klanknabootsingsprobleme
  • Beplanningsprobleme van woorde en sinne
  • Volg van instruksies – Lees- en skryfprobleme
  • Stadige en onakkurate nabootsing van orale bewegings
  • Onduidelike uitspraak van klanke en woorde
  • Kommunikeer in telegramstyl en my uitspraak is staccato
  • My geheue is aangetas

Aanvanklik het my terapie ingesluit:

  • Spontane produksie van mono- en multi-sillabe woorde
  • Produksie van klusters en vokale
  • Naboots en samestelling van sinne met teikenwoord
  • Lees van teikenwoorde
  • Verbeter woordvindingsprobleme ten opsigte van spesifieke kategorie
  • Skryf van woorde en sinne
  • Oraalmotories-oefeninge om beweging in orale spiere te verbeter

Vanaf 24 Desember was ek ‘n buite-pasiënt. Terapie het ingesluit:

  • Lees en skryf van sinne en paragrawe.
  • Korrekte produksie van woorde en sinne op ‘n gespreksvoeringsvlak sonder enige artikulasie foute en/of woordvindigsprobleme.
  • Produksie van sinne met meer intonasie en bklemtoning van klanke
  • Kortermyngeheue – lees van stories en terugvoer van kerngedagtes.

Faktore wat bygedra in my herstelproses:

  1. Genade
  2. Gebede van familie en vriende
  3. Die ondersteuning van my vrou, familie, vriende, kollegas, oud-kollegas, lidmate van wyk 23 Sarepta.
  4. Corli Hanekom: Spraak- & Taalterapeute. Veral Corli, Zaida, en Madre
  5. Interaksie met my kollegas
  6. Motivering, vasbeslotenheid, oefeninge

Ek vordere redelik goed met:

  1. Die uitspraak van klanke, woorde en sinne.
  2. My beplanning van woorde en sinne.
  3. Woordvinding
  4. Rigtingaanwysing
  5. Bestellings plaas, bv. in die restaurant.
  6. Telefoonoproepe beantwoord.
  7. My leeswerk, skryf en tikwerk

Ek sukkel nou nog met:

  1. Die voer van onderhoudende gesprekke.
  2. Met die uitspraak van sekere woorde.
  3. Deelneem aan vergaderings en debatte.
  4. My uitspraak is nog Staccato van aard.
  5. Geheue.

Ever since I can remember I stuttered. It took away allot of myself confidence. I was never able to form a conversation with anyone, to scared that they would notice it. I always thought seeing a specialist would cost allot of money and that they wouldn’t be able to help me. About two months ago my boyfriend and I was talking about seeing a professional who can help me. When I first met Corli Hanekom I stuttered a lot. There were approximately three words in each sentence that I struggled with. Meeting Corli has really changed my life. She is a wonderful person to work with. At first I thought that the therapy won’t work. But to my surprise I started stuttering less within a month’s time. All I had to do was follow the program. I’m thirty two years old and very proud of myself. I can look at the world with confidence. I can form a conversation now with anyone without stuttering or without them noticing it. I still have my bad days but I try very hard to follow the procedures that she gave me and it works. I would recommend Corli Hanekom to anyone because I know that she has the ability to help others that is in the same situation that I was. Get your self confidence back. It is all worth it.

Sybil Gouws

My little boy, Tristan (a vibrant and busy little 6 year old), is one of a twin. His brother Luca has always been seen as a threat to him. Luca was always quicker than him when it came to learning things and reacting to things. Tristan started to retract and became quite introverted. This had an impact on his speech and he started stuttering. This combined with his already evident low muscle tone, was referred for speech therapy to Corli Hanekom.

He started with Corli as a very nervous, quiet little boy, not wanting to respond or interact with her. She had an amazing, soft way about her that got him co-operating quite quickly. After a few weeks of treatments, he started showing huge signs of improvement. He was excited to go and interacted really well with her. She really got him out of his shell. When things were looking great and he was confident and speaking really nicely (our lessons had stopped by then) another upset happened in his life and his school teacher, whom he had grown attached to, left the school mid-year. Tristan went back into his little shell, not being able to talk or communicate with anyone. Every word was a stutter and he eventually stopped talking completely because he was being ridiculed and laughed at. My first reaction was to contact Corli. She was so helpful and I immediately took him back to her. She was amazing. She got him back on his feet, confident and speaking clearly in no time.

Today a year later, he talks the hind off a donkey, is confident and even referred to as the “class clown”. He has his little friends hanging off his lips. As a mom it is the most amazing thing to see and without Corli, that would not have been possible. She also assisted us in the decision to split him and his brother and place them in different schools – the best decision ever. He is his own little person developing his own personality with his own group of friends. He feels comfortable not competing with his twin brother.

Venetia Link

Professional and friendly. Would recommend.

Pieter-Paul Strauss Robbertse

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