TeleSpeech Therapy

Teletherapy is the provision of therapy-based healthcare services remotely through telecommunication technology.

Corli Hanekom Speech and Language Therapists offers affordable online TeleSpeech Therapy from the comfort of a home for a range of adult and children disorders anywhere in the country. 

All appointments are delivered via a secure video platform.

How we can help

Ages 0-3

Parents work directly with the therapists to learn strategies to improve their child’s communication

Ages 3-6

Parents work alongside their child in the session to develop the child’s overall speech and language abilities

Ages 7 and up

Most children can attend the session independently, but parents are kept in the loop after each session


We all know how busy life can be, TeleSpeech Therapy helps to cut out travel time. Schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you or your family in the comfort of your home or work

What will you need? 

A computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera, microphone and internet connection. For iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) the Apple Safari web browser is recommended.  For Android, Windows and MacOS devices we recommend the Google Chrome web browser.

Talk to a Speech Therapist

Call: (+27)21 943-3575

Which Speech and Language Therapy is likely appropriate for TeleSpeech Therapy?

All the following are:

  • Voice Therapy
  • Stuttering Therapy
  • Accent modification Therapy
  • Aphasia, Dysarthria and/or Apraxia Therapy
  • Articulation and phonological process Therapy
  • Language Therapy

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