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“If it draws attention…pay attention“ (Rossetti)


Early communication intervention for infants

Early Intervention is the term describing services provided to infants and toddlers, ages birth to three years old.  This type of intervention is warranted when a child demonstrates a significant delay in communication, oral motor, or feeding skills.  Early Intervention applies direct therapy techniques to the child while simultaneously developing therapy strategies that are easily included in daily routines by the family and caregivers of the child.

The following are risk factors that each plays a role in developing Speech and Language:

  • Adolescent mothers
  • Parents having four or more pre-school children
  • Smoking during pregnancy
  • Family history of hearing loss, medical or genetic disorders
  • Repeated spontaneous abortions/silent births
  • Medication during pregnancy
  • Duration of pregnancy
  • Prenatal and perinatal complications
  • Birth asphyxia
  • Low birth weight (<1500g)
  • Low Apgar scores
  • Chronic middle ear infection
  • Excessive irritability and crying
  • Parent – child separation
  • Lack of stable environment
  • Concern by the mother about the child’s development

The following factors have significant impact on the development of a child:

  • Genetic disorders e.g. Down’s Syndrome
  • Congenital malformations e.g. Spina bifida
  • Sensory disorders e.g. Hearing impairment
  • Developmental disorders e.g. Autism
  • Severe toxic exposure e.g. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Chronic medical illness e.g. Diabetes
  • Severe infectious diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS

Are any of these points applicable to you or you child?
It might be necessary to take your child to a Speech Therapist for an in-depth assessment of his Speech and Language development or other disciplines (Occupational Therapist, Pediatrician etc) for a global assessment.


“Anything that interferes with the child’s ability to interact with the environment in a normal manner is a potential source of, or contribution factor to the presence of a developmental delay”






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