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Corli Hanekom Speech and Language Therapists was established in 2006.

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We have more than 15 years of experience in our field.  Our mission is to help you or your child to become more confident and a happier version of your/him/herself, because your are taught new speech and language skills that will help you communicate effectively.

Our offices are based within Intercare Tyger Valley, Cape Town.  We also render in-hospital therapy for patients in other hospitals in our vicinity.

We offer assessment of and treatment for both children (all ages) and adults

  • Therapy is not a “one size fits all” approach, we compile a tailor-made therapy plan for each individual person, based on his/her needs and goals.
  • Online booking services are available 
  • We charge medical aid rates and we process claims directly to the medical aid for your convenience.
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Our services

Are you sef-concious about a speech impediment that you feel is holding you back in life?

Do you stutter, have an accent or speech problem that results in miscommunication?

Have you had a stroke or brain injury?

If so, Corli Hanekom Speech and Language Therapists can help! We will work with you and/or your child to overcome the factors holding you back.

“If it draws attention…pay attention“
– Rossetti

Dysarthria therapy

Weakness in the muscles used for speech, which often causes slowed or slurred speech

Language therapy

Language problems is when a person finds it difficult to understand and/or share their ideas using written, spoken, and/or non-verbal language.

Apraxia therapy

A speech disorder in which the brain has difficulty coordinating the complex oral movements needed to create sounds into syllables, syllables into words, and words into phrases.

Stuttering therapy

Stuttering is seen as a dysfluency in speech and is usually characterised by a high frequency of stoppages or interruptions in the flow of speech

Voice therapy

Voice therapy consists of techniques and procedures that target vocal parameters, such as vocal fold closure, pitch, volume, and quality

Dysphagia therapy (swallowing therapy)

Dysphagia is having difficulty swallowing or experiencing pain while swallowing. Also classified as any abnormality in the movement of food from the mouth to the stomach

Aphasia therapy
A language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate.
It can occur suddenly after a stroke or head injury or develop slowly from a growing brain tumour or disease.nAphasia affects a person’s ability to express and understand written and spoken language
Cognition/cognitive communication therapy
Communication is a highly complex skill which forms part of what we call cognition. Cognitive-communicative disorders affect the ability to communicate by the social rules of language

Professional speech therapists

We care about our clients. For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

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